B2R Server Status


We are now running a new demo server Called B2R Demo Racing.  This new server is running free Airio. Anthoop has setup the Airio for us "cheers bud" And Dissector is providing us with the server "Thanks Dis". It is running the BL1/XFG-XRG combo. We hope you enjoy this server and make good use of it!  


Our new S2 server is up and running also. This new one is running Full Airio. 

Team announcement:

Great news guys! Both of our new servers are up and running. Big thanks to all the guys that forwarded contributions to Garally. Massive thanks to Dissector for offering the team a new Demo server also. Its been a great help to the team.

Our New S2 is now hosted by 500 Servers and our new Demo is hosted by Dissector ( http://tsino.unet.by/ ). So make good use of them guys!

The Official Home Of B2R

Welcome to the Official home of the " Born 2 Race Online Racing Team " (B2R).

We are a group of like minded racers from all over the globe that have slowly gathered together over the past 4 years. To gain entry to the team you need to have raced on our servers with us for at least 2 months so that we can get to know you and obtain 1:33.5x (XFG) 1:33.3x (XRG) on BL demo track. Then you can apply to join us through our forum application process. This will start a 7 day polling process where the current members of B2R will cast there votes "Yes or No". So dont be afraid to say "HI" as we are a friendly bunch of racers.




We have 26 team members that are frequently on the game servers of Live For Speed (AKA LFS).  An online multiplayer racing simulator.


We have Demo and S2 members and we are all clean fast racers. Our Team Founder/Leader (Garally) started the team with the aim to have fun. We stick to this aim now and always. We are all competitive racers that will fight for position and fight for the win but we also love to have a good laugh and meet new racers. We have our own servers, one Demo and one S2.   Our demo server "B2R Demo Racing" ( Hosted by http://tsino.unet.by/ ) Is running the usual BL1/XFG-XRG combo and our S2 server "B2R Online Racing S2"( Hosted by http://www.500servers.com/index.php ) runs what ever is popular at the time so its always changing! 

Our S2 server is running Full Airio and Demo server is running the Free Airio insim software. 

All servers are running 24/7  99% of the time as occasionally we will use them for Team Races and make them private servers for a couple of hours at the most.






Feel free to use the links below:






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